What It Takes To Become The Best Sign Spinner?

Taking a look at those sign spinners down the road, we simply never imagine that their job comes with a whole lot of challenges, distractions and regulations. In fact, those rules go much beyond simply holding a sign, moving it in between, and interacting with people. Here’s all what the selective recruitment and training process for the best sign spinners calls for.


It’s not rare to find people on the streets insulting or screaming at a twirler due to frustration or simply to bother them. Thus, patience counts as a must-have quality possessed by a sign spinner as those who get affected by the negatives surely can’t perform great on the job. The ability to stay calm and have fun even in the worst of situations makes more people notice a good spinner.

A Professional and Presentable Outlook

Sporting a presentable outlook, a sign spinner must be comfortable in what they wear as they are expected to perform in different weather conditions, including strong winds, rains or hot sunny afternoons. Of course, they must not wear something in which they get easily blown away.

High Body Strength and Great Shape

Twirling is not just about holding up poster boards or paper sheets. In fact, one may be required to handle signs made from vinyl and plastic, which may weigh six to fifteen pounds on an average. Carrying such signs and tossing them across for longer duration is quite a tiring affair. So, one should posses high upper body strength to practice good twirling tricks. The best sign spinner must constantly use and build their muscles, while training their body to adapt.

It’s Great To be Goofy or Funny

An appealing personality and an outgoing attitude are quite essential to performing for the public and the ongoing traffic. It’s a very visible job, and a goofy spinner with good dance moves won’t fail to steal the eyes of everyone passing by or even compel them to stop and hear what the spinner has to say.

One Must Be Super Active

The number of interesting tricks and attractive moves that the sign spinners perform is the thing that makes the popular companies stand out from their competitions. People are naturally drifted towards something that steals their attention, and merely holding the sign won’t get any of that. Thus, the best sign spinners are required to be highly active and engaged with the signs they are promoting.