Business Travel Tips

Business travel refers to travelling to attend to business matters. Things can really get overwhelming especially if you travel a lot therefore you need all the help that you can possibly get.

Don’t let a business trip overwhelm you

Between planning for presentations and meetings, following airline guidelines and packing your luggage, getting ready for a business trip can seem like a project of its own. Keep your workload to a minimum and maximize the time you have by using the following tips to help you pack, travel and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Keep essentials packed at all times

If you are on the go often, like Jonathan Spira, editorial director of Frequent Business Traveler, avoid forgetting crucial items such as toiletries and charging cables for electronics by keeping them in your travel bag at all times. You may have to replenish some of these items every couple of trips, but the less you have to worry about while preparing for a business trip, the better, Spira says.

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There is a huge difference between business travel and vacation travel. There could be similarities but these are very minor. As a business traveller you are also a diplomat and therefore you are sending a message about you company, culture or even brand. So when you travel on business you should observe business travel etiquette.

Whether you’re travelling to meet with current or prospective clients, attend a seminar, or scout a new meeting location, presenting yourself in a professional and friendly manner can send positive messages about the company you represent. The opposite is also true. Being overly casual or rude to hospitality staff at your hotel or restaurants, for example, can leave a very bad impression of your employer among the people you meet.


What you wear when travelling for business sends an unmistakable message to the people you see about how you perceive your place and purpose in the situation. Your appearance and clothing also affect how you feel and act when meeting people during your travels. Dressing too casually may be perceived as disrespectful. It can also motivate you to act more like a tourist than a businessperson. Similarly, over-dressing may make you feel uncomfortable and send out a stressed out vibe. Business casual clothes are ideal for travel as long as you have time to change into more professional attire before meeting with people at your destination.


Keep in mind that a business trip is intended to achieve some purpose or goal that benefits your employer. Schedule your time wisely to accomplish as much as possible during your time away. Remember that you’re working, not enjoying a relaxing getaway. But be sure to give yourself plenty of time to get from one place to another without rushing or being late.

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Things can get a little tighter if you are travelling with the boss. If the boss chose you then do know that they expect nothing but the best from you and they believe that you can deliver excellently. So what should you do?

Check with your boss ahead of time about whether they are reserving their room and yours. Two weeks ago a friend of Ruch’s who works in publishing had traveled with her boss to Los Angeles from New York. They arrived at their hotel, each thinking that the other had made the booking. There was no room at the inn. They wound up in an awkward situation in a single apartment they found at the last minute through Airbnb.

Don’t pick up the tab at a client dinner. On that same trip,Ruch and his boss went out with a client. Used to paying because of his work in sales, Ruch pulled out his credit card. Wrong move. The senior employee almost always pays unless you make an arrangement ahead of time.

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