A Beginners’ Guide To Seo And Digital Marketing Misconceptions

If you have been around digital marketing of awhile then you should know how effective it is and hopefully you will not be misguided by the misconceptions below. But if you are new to digital marketing you might still be trying to understand these common misconceptions about digital marketing. If you are then don’t worry about it as we have all been there and had the same thoughts, but hopefully this article will help you understand the misconceptions a bit quicker, and stop them having a negative impact on your digital marketing efforts.

So without further ado lets take a quick look at some of the common mistakes and misconceptions that you should avoid:

Time To See Results

The first thing that most beginners fail to understand is that it takes time to get results, there are no short cuts to success, even though you will have many “gurus” telling you different as they try to sell you there all in one wonder tool. Don’t be fooled by them long term success takes time and patience. When you start to market your business online be prepared to wait and watch for results. Once you determine what is working then you simply rinse and repeat. The good thing about your results from digital marketing is that they will stay for a long time if done correctly. So once business begins to flow in, apart from you can track it much easier, you will also find that it works far better than any off-line marketing efforts.

It is for techies and Geeks

There are many people who will try to say that digital marketing is far to techie and only computer geeks can do it. But in reality you do not need to be a technical person to understand it, utilising the search engines like Google you can quite easily find the information you need to be able to setup your own online marketing process. And with all of the free software that is available to help you track and analyse the results of your digital marketing efforts you can watch your results grow each day.

You need to invest a lot of money to be successful

A lot of people have a the misconception that SEO or digital marketing is going to cost them a big part of their marketing budget. But that will depend on how competitive your business is and whether you employ an SEO Company or you do it yourself, especially for local businesses, a small expense can bring great results. You will definitely find better results from putting your money into SEO than you will from the more conventional offline marketing. Some simple things that you can do yourself could make a huge difference to your digital marketing efforts.

SEO is Dead

If you have been around digital marketing for any length of time then you will have heard numerous people state that SEO is dead. They are usually those people who have been using those so called quick methods to get results, the problem is that Google eventually finds them and then they are gone. Practicing correct SEO techniques such as developing your on-page, having good content, accurate and not spammy meta title and meta description will get you good results.

So I have just covered a few of the many misconceptions that you might have about SEO and digital marketing. The best advice I can give you is to be constantly learning. Find people who are actually doing it to make money and follow what they do, not the ones who are selling you this product or course this week and then another one next week. There are a number of good blogs that can guide you to success in your digital marketing journey. Blogs such as Neil Patels Quick Sprout blog and others can help you to learn and develop your skills.